Banking Academy – is a specialised training provider to the Banking and Financial Sectors in the African and Middle Eastern markets consisting of leading-edge training courses designed to equip financial professionals to succeed on the global stage. We boast an international faculty of experienced bankers and academics from around the world, handpicked for their proven industry experience and training skills.

Banking Academy’s Development Team formulates intensive technical programmes in Risk & Compliance, Financial Markets & Exchanges, Treasury, Internal Audit, Legal & Finance, Tax & Accounting, Asset Management, Corporate & Commercial Banking and Retail Banking.

Each course is offered at multiple seniority levels - from introductory to complex & advanced workshops. Learning curve is further enhanced through practical case studies, computer simulations and real-life exercises. In order to secure the consistency and coherence of the trainings each workshop is lead by a senior trainer with specialist knowledge and many years of market experience.

  • Expert senior trainers with advanced academic degrees as well as practical backgrounds
  • Extensive course materials and latest educational techniques
  • Unique blend of well-researched financial theory and practical skills
  • Unbeatable pricing structure
  • Up-to-date didactical training techniques
  • Unique cross-border networking opportunities